Digital Catapult’s work has grown to encompass a range of industry-leading projects outside the UK. We’re collaborating with partners all around the world to promote innovative UK industrial and creative businesses to an international audience; creating a crowdsourced augmented reality experience for Norweigian school children; understanding the weather to break a world record in South Africa; and future-proofing infrastructure for a 5G revolution from the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.


Supporting the UK government to promote UK plc internationally

Digital Catapult is actively involved in supporting the UK Government’s GREAT campaign to promote the innovative work of UK businesses to an international audience. We worked with the Office for AI, the Department for International Trade and the GREAT campaign at Web Summit 2019 in Portugal, where we showcased animated VR film “When Something Happens” by CreativeXR company Boom Clap Play. Digital Catapult also enlisted Augmentor alumni company Gravity Sketch to demonstrate UK immersive innovation to 700 high profile government officials from 29 NATO countries at the 2019 London NATO Summit.


Creating a crowd-sourced immersive experience inspired by Norway’s greatest artist

Working with MUNCH, Oslo and immersive technology specialists Arcade, we are developing a prototype augmented reality (AR) experience for students in Norway to engage with Edvard Munch, understand his body of work, his connection to Norway’s countryside, and his unique way of thinking and creating. The project will enable students to create their own works inspired by Munch and upload them into a searchable geo-located map, allowing users and contributors to interact with each other’s artworks throughout Norway, exploring different creative methods and eventually creating an augmented reality, crowd-sourced, nationwide piece of art.


Using advanced sensor technology to help break world land speed record

Digital Catapult built an advanced weather monitoring system using IoT and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to monitor a variety of conditions in the Kalahari desert in South Africa during the Bloodhound Project’s testing ahead of their attempt at a world record. Located every 1km along the 12 mile race track, the battery powered devices recorded wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The wireless sensors operate with very little infrastructure, and because they are run entirely on the AWS Cloud, can be instantly scaled up during high demand, and scaled back when the system is not in use.

From helping us be more productive at work to tackling climate change, technology has incredible potential to improve all our lives. Digital Catapult will provide a platform for UK and German startups to work together and come up with cutting-edge solutions to future challenges. It’s great to see big firms including Siemens and CHEP Europe back the initiative.

Matt Warman


Promoting UK creative content and talent at prestigious film festivals

We take an active role in promoting the creative businesses we work with at international film festivals. Celebrating the achievements of the UK cultural sector, Digital Catapult has supported companies which have been part of its CreativeXR programme, developed with Arts Council England, at over 35 high profile and world leading festivals across the world including: Tribeca Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, South by SouthWest, Amsterdam Film Festival and Sundance.


Driving collaboration between the UK and Germany to boost industrial innovation and sustainability

In partnership with Deutschland - Land der Ideen, Siemens and CHEP Europe, the UK & Germany Global Challenge connects high growth potential startups in the UK and Germany with industry, forging international collaboration and sharing knowledge to address key challenges and opportunities facing the industrial sector using artificial intelligence and distribution ledger technologies. The Global Challenge was developed with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Department for International Trade (DIT), with support from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Science and Innovation Network (SIN). Partners include the Royal Academy of Engineering, CBI, MTA, Innoloft, London & Partners and NVIDIA.


Showcasing how 5G can transform diverse and dynamic environments across Europe

Digital Catapult is a partner in 5G-VICTORI, a pan-European project which will establish future-proofed infrastructure that supports 5G across different sectors including transportation, energy, media and manufacturing. We are supporting the interdomain orchestration for the project, working with 5G testbeds in Bristol, Berlin, Alba-Iulia (Romania) and Patras (Greece) to demonstrate how dynamic 5G pop-up networks can support high quality media services that meet increases in demand at congested locations such as railway stations.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with both Digital Catapult and Arcade on this inspiring project, which is generously supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Norway. Hopefully, the collaboration will result in an engagement for kids, relevant beyond the realms of school, allowing influence from users’ own daily surroundings wherever they might be geographically located across our far-reaching country.

Gerd-Elise Mørland